We are putting together several Virtual Choir videos to be used in our Spring 2021 show. These videos will include as many members as we can gather singing together from their own homes. The songs we are doing are "You Will Be Found", "Seasons of Love", and "This is the Moment." We will also be doing a few pages from "76 Trombones"  
(Sheet Music)

So, here is a simplified overview of the process- Download and print out the sheet music (link below) and practice/ refresh yourself on the song. When you are ready, record yourself singing the song while listening to the music track we supply, then send it to us! 

Here's How:

1. You'll need two devices - one to record your video and a second to watch and hear the conductor video & guide track to make sure you sing at the right pitch and tempo.

2. Remember to clap at the beginning of the video - just watch the  video and I'll show you when to do this. This will help us to synchronize the music.

3. Please record your video in a horizontal format (landscape), not vertical.

4. Remember to use headphones to listen to the guide track so all we hear is your voice.

5. Send us the video! 

For those that need it, there is more detailed information below. Here are the resources you will need:

Sheet Music:
Note: Lisa will be revising and marking up this music and a final copies will be uploaded. These versions are so you can get a head start!

You Will Be Found 

This is the Moment

Seasons of Love

76 Trombones
(Starts at bottom of page 9)

(coming soon) Click on the section track that you will be performing.  Each track includes keyboard, the vocal track, and Lisa's direction:

You Will Be Found





Here are some details!

How to record your video:

You need two devices, one to playback the track and one to record you. These can be a smartphone, laptop that has a webcam and microphone (most do), or a desktop computer that has a webcam and microphone. 

If you are using a smartphone, turn it to silent so your recording isn’t interrupted by a message or call!

Please record your video horizontally not vertically.

Connect your headphones to the device you’re using to watch and listen to the conductor video or guide track.

Set-up and secure your second device to record your video. Make sure you record horizontally (landscape) and that your face is centered in the middle of the screen.

Please set your device to create an MP4 in 720p. Most smartphones create MP4s automatically and you can amend the resolution in your settings. If you need help recording and/or compressing your video, please contact Lisa.

Start recording on your device and then press play on the conductor video. Make sure you clap at exactly the same time as instructed before you start singing. This is very important as it will help us to sync your final audio and video. Do not pause your recording at any point!

Please wait for approximately four counts (in your head!) after you finish singing before you stop recording.

Save your video. Review your video and if you’re happy with your performance, upload it.

If you have encountered any challenges, have any questions, or want to share ideas, please call John or Lisa.

Before you upload your video, please ensure that your video file is either an MP4 or MPEG4 (preferred), .MOV, .WMV or .AVI file. We request that your video is no larger than 200MB and if possible, you use a compression tool to reduce the size of your file.

In your iPhone settings, please select Camera. Tap “Record Video” and select 720p HD at 30fps for optimize recording

To send us your video go to

(Do not Email, it doesn't work)

It's a free site. Simply enter the email you are sending your file to ( john@johndziel.com ) and your own email, then upload your file!