UPDATE! We will now be holding
 Live Outdoor Rehearsals, Same location, 
7:00 PM Weather Permitting! 

The Details !

Dates and Times: 4/28, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26  7:30 PM

Rehearsals will be one hour
We may change the time if darkness is a problem. Dates might be added and weather may be a factor so always check our main site Amblerstationsingers.com for the latest news! 

Location- Bethlehem Baptist Church  MAP

Each person participating will receive a zip-lock bag containing a microphone, a cord, and an instruction sheet. 

If you were issued a microphone in the fall and still have it, BRING IT!

Please return your microphone at the end of the night. You will receive the same microphone next time you come.  

Basically, you plug the cord into the microphone, loop it out the window, and plug it into one of the jack boxes that will be on the ground:

Each jack box has four connectors on it. It doesn't matter which one you use. If the box is to the left of your car, pass the cable out the driver's side window. If it is to the right, pass it out the passenger side window. Just remember to unplug yourself before you drive home! Place the microphone on the dashboard in front of you. To hear the director and everyone else singing, turn your FM radio to 91.1 (this might change depending on what works best.) 

Try not to run over the jack boxes when you arrive or leave.

Set your microphone on the dashboard in front of you as shown:

Tune into FM 91.1 and tap your microphone with your finger. You should be able to hear the tap on your car radio.  adjust your radio volume so you can just hear Lisa and the other singers. You will not be able to hear yourself through the radio but as long as you could hear the "tap", everyone else will be able to hear you! Do not turn your radio any louder then needed to hear other people or else your microphone will "feedback" and produce an uncomfortable squeal for the whole choir! 

We are going to start with four boxes which is enough to cover 16 cars If you arrive first, pull up in front of the box. (see layout above) If there is a car already there, pull in back of it. Lisa will either be on a platform, or in the back of the truck. We may have to change some positions to insure she is visible to everyone as we have never tried this before!

These rehearsals are going to focus on the songs for our upcoming Spring Special. 
You can download the sheet music for these songs from our virtual choir page Here.