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Homework and Instructions from 3/13/2019

Director’s announcements:
1. We Will not be singing “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis for this concert
2. Auditions for solos will be the first week of April
3. Ambler Station Singers Red shirts are for sale In a new soft style - this can either be an addition to or replacement for the cotton T-shirts that some of us got last year . The new shirts are available in longsleeve or short sleeve and you can still get the cotton T-shirts if you want. For the new style be sure to order one size larger than you normally wear.
Every singer should have a red A.S. Singers shirt for our more casual community performances. You can also order them for family and friends .
Pricing: Soft style long sleeved shirt: $20,
Soft style short sleeved shirt: $17,
Cotton short sleeved t shirt: $15.
If you already paid for a shirt, the amount will be credited to your order.

Music reviewed at rehearsal 3-13-2019:
1) “Wells Fargo wagon” the entire song was reviewed
- Sopranos and altos carefully review/watch where your notes change
- everyone : review all words & dynamics and make sure to circle the rests!

2) “One Voice” - The entire song was reviewed -
- circle the rests!
- pg 1/ measure 11- be sure not to slow down in the measure when all four parts start singing together
- watch Lisa for cut offs ( Sop/Alto- esp pg 1)
- measures 13-16, Piu legato means more legato ... watch for phrasing- don’t get louder on the higher notes and softer on the lower notes ... make one legato phrase

3) “OnThe Atchison Topeka and the Santa Fe “ reviewed beg. of song thru measure 48,
quickly learned from Ms.53 to end — everyone needs to review and learn parts from Ms. 53 to end

4) “Our Time” - whole choir starts at Ms.24 ( top of pg 4). - sang thru to end.

**Continue listening to learning tracks and reviewing all songs**

WANTED! A flat landscaping trailer and a tow vehicle to borrow so we can make a parade float for the May 4th Upper Dublin parade! Know anyone who can help?

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