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REHEARSAL added- May 27 at 7 PM. Dress rehearsal!!

From Chrissy:

For “Our Time”, only Chris will start on stage, and Katie will join him before her solo.

Remainder of choir will begin filtering in from their assigned locations at Measure 16...

Group 1- Right ( organ) side:
Heather, Lisa, Maria, Sharon, Nancy, Jill, Michelle, Jake

Group 2 - Back ( behind the altar):
Barb, Steve, Bob, Lillian, Doris, Cathy, John, Jesse

Group 3- Middle ( outside the entrance doors into the church):
Liz, Nidia, Nickie, Lauren, Karen W. , Rita & Larry

Group 4: Left side:
Joan K., Joan L., Sheila, Claire, Jean, Darienne, Karen, Chrissy

I added in Nickie, John and the other Karen ( soloist) where I thought it balanced/ made sense.... ________________________________________________


Dress Rehearsal at Trinity 7:00 PM
Followed by food!

Gwynedd Estates 7:30 PM
Call time 6:30 PM

3:30 PM Tech setup for Saturday Concert
Dress Rehearsal 7:00 PM !

06-1-2019 (Celebration after show!)
Going Places!
Concert at Trinity 3:00 PM
Call time 1:00

Church on the Mall 6:00 PM (Dinner after show)
Call time 5:00
Dinner after unknown location

Saturday 2:00 PM
Call time 1:00
Open to the Public
Horsham Township Library
435 Babylon Rd, Horsham, PA 19044

Iron Hill (Montgomeryville) "Dine for Dollars" 6:15 PM

Fort Washington Estates 7:00 PM
Call time 6:00

Abramson Center for Jewish Life
2:30 PM show
Call time 1:30

End of season banquet 5:00 PM at the Metropolitan in Montgomeryville

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