Are you ready to sing?  We are!

If you are not familiar with our group, you can learn a lot about us by visiting our Facebook Page, Youtube Channel, or just reading our "About" page.  We divide the year into two seasons; A spring season, which starts in January and ends with shows in May and June, And a holiday season, which starts in September and ends in shows in late November and December. The year 2020 sure threw a wrench into those plans!

But right now, we are looking at the year 2021, and the transition back to live performances. During 2020, we became a virtual choir. We participated in several Virtual Choir productions during the Spring and Summer. By fall, we were ready to take things to a higher level! 

In late summer and early fall we set up several "open air" rehearsals. We also tried a very unique system and did a series of Drive In choir rehearsals! The goal was to put together a Holiday TV Special packed with Solos, Duets, and full choir numbers. We did it! ( View it here )

2021 Spring Season

5/11/21 UPDATE:

Our director Lisa VanHeldorf has decided that we need to "Pause" our efforts. Many thanks to those who attended our outdoor rehearsals, but due to bad weather and other factors, we are going to wait until Fall. We will continue with the work on Solos, Duets, and small groups during the summer.  Full Letter from Lisa 

Sadly, the world is not ready for live performances. They are simply not safe for our audience or our members. To put on a live show in May or June, we would have to start rehearsing in January. That is just too soon. For now, we are going to continue with the electronic method. So, what is involved? Here is an overview:

  • Weekly Zoom meetings at 7:30 PM each Wednesday, Starting on January 13th. 

  • Electronic distribution of music and learning tracks along with choir direction by our Director.

  • Possible late spring rehearsals outside in the Springhouse area.

  • Solos, Duets, and small groups being recorded in Ambler.

  • Full choir numbers being recorded from your own home and submitted electronically. 

2021 Holiday Season

From all of the news we are receiving, live shows should be able to resume in the fall of 2021. This would mean we would resume live rehearsals in September. We rehearse in the Ft. Washington / Ambler area. Rehearsal nights are Wednesdays at 7:30 PM.  We usually perform shows at community centers, community events, retirement centers, and end the season with a large public concert. Here is a recording from our last major concert. 

I Want to Sing! How Do I Get Involved?

Start by Emailing us! We will send you a link for our next Zoom meeting and you can see what we are all about and ask questions! If you have a short clip of yourself singing, send* it to us!  We do not require auditions, but the clip will help us to determine what section (SATB) your voice works best in.  More than anything, Get involved! We are here and ready to talk to you! Our group functions like an extended family first, a choir second. I'm sure you have plenty of questions and we are ready to answer them!

* If the clip is too large you can use and send it to