An Important Letter from Lisa VanHeldorf

Dear Ambler Station Singers,

We are a fantastic choir, that even through the pandemic, has persevered. Many groups have folded – we have moved forward as best as we have been able – through virtual choir experiences, drive-in choir and in-person outdoor rehearsals. I am so very proud to be your director.

We will be taking a break for a few months to gear up for what looks to be an in-person, live concert season come the fall! The CDC guidelines for in-door singing (if you are vaccinated) are very favorable and we have an amazing concert full of holiday music to please all.

We will have periodic Zoom meetings and will let you know as they are approaching. The final “regular” Zoom meeting will be tomorrow night at 7:30. We will look forward to a fun, outdoor gathering (probably July) this summer featuring, what else, food and friendship.

We have worked very hard this last year + to keep you engaged, plugged in, and musically connected. It has been challenging, at times lonely, and has been very hard work. No-one has worked with more heart and vigor to keep our choir together than John Dziel. In all my days, no-one has ever cared more about a group – no-one! Thank you John for working so hard and caring so much. Thank you also Sandi for always being so very supportive!

We WILL still be doing an ASS broadcast featuring solos, duets/small groups. We would like to have all this recorded by end of June. Please call, text, e-mail me to make rehearsal and recording arrangements for this project. I am sorry we will not be recording the 3 choral pieces at this time. The weather has not been in out favor and Wednesday nights right now are proving difficult for our accompanists (not in the fall). Again, Please let me know asap if you are hoping/planning to do a solo, duet, group for this project.

I want you to know I care deeply about each one of you…this is why Ambler Station Singers is special – each one of you. I will miss you but am excited about the future!