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Feeds and Distro

50 x 2 Disconnect  $85 each   

IMG_0034.JPG (925552 bytes)

Breaker and tie-in hardware collection $75

IMG_0035.JPG (648759 bytes)

Dimmers and Controllers 


4 Channel DMX dimmer  $100
Shoebox style DMX dimmer, fused at 10 amps per channel. My recommendations are loads of less than 600 watts per channel. 15 amp plug limits total pack draw to 15 amps.

shoebox2.JPG (1187184 bytes)

3 pin "DMX" in and out (yea, I know, DMX is 5 pin)

Like new, tested and runningshoebox1.JPG (1438995 bytes)

24 channel board can be configured as two scene or bottom row can be programmed as scenes
quite a few pages of memory as well  
Scene Setter $240
Chauvet $90

IMG_0042.JPG (716239 bytes)

Moving light controller can be set up for 32 channel width for 12 fixture addresses  

IMG_0043.JPG (716601 bytes)

Moving Lights and Color Changers

These Items Will be Available After Testing

Please note- Whatever finish Chauvet / ADJ used has become sticky to the touch. Operation is fine. 

(3) Chauvet Q Spot 250 Moving Head Lights $300 each
HMI discharge lamps 250 watt

IMG_0048.JPG (879749 bytes)

13 channel DMX-512 moving yoke, Color wheel: 7 colors + white; rainbow color spin at variable speeds, 3-facet high speed rotating prism.

IMG_0047.JPG (881421 bytes)

Basic travel boxes included

IMG_0045.JPG (687340 bytes)

Bracket, two trigger clamps, power cord, and safety cable 

IMG_0046.JPG (595393 bytes)

(4) Chauvet / ADJ Accu Color 250   $125 each
Color Changers
HMI discharge lamps 250 watt   

IMG_0054.JPG (741949 bytes)

9 colors + white  /  3 DMX channels  / Shutter with 100% dimming 
Rainbow Color Scroll effect / Strobes in every color 
Manual full focusing

IMG_0053.JPG (708790 bytes)

IMG_0055.JPG (612818 bytes) IMG_0056.JPG (626553 bytes)

Other Stuff

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Lycian Midget HP 575W HMI Follow Spot Model 1209    $1900
Only about 37 hours of use
Much more info and pics here

(2) Elation Black-Light wash fixtures $100 each

IMG_0030.JPG (896750 bytes)


Pair of PAR56 bars with stands and cases (8 fixtures total)
Reflector kits and 600 Watt DYS lamps $295
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stands2.JPG (952457 bytes)

stands.jpg (1118303 bytes)

par64.JPG (1121696 bytes)

4000 watt PAR64 bar   $160
4 Par 64 fixtures mounted on a rail each with a low usage 1000 watt FFN (very narrow spot) lamp. Includes fixtures, lamps, bar open-top coffin case. Clamps/truss not included. More available.

par64case.JPG (659031 bytes)

par56.JPG (1129831 bytes)

2400 Watt PAR56 Bar    $140
4 Par 56 fixtures mounted on a rail each with a 600 watt DYS lamp and reflector kit. Includes fixtures, lamps, bar open-top coffin case. Clamps/truss not included. More available.

par56case.JPG (830938 bytes)


1000 Watt PAR64 Fixtures With Lamps $40 each
New in-box fixtures with lightly used lamps (less than 20 hours use) Lamps are narrow spot or very narrow (FFP or FFN) Total of four available @ $40 or all 4 for $150.
pars.jpg (103002 bytes)

Set of 4 ProBurger TUV 500Kgs 2 inch Truss Clamps $80
Set of Four "Standard of the Industry" ProBurger Two inch Truss Clamps, rated at 500 Kgs load. This is the proper way to attach heavy lighting equipment to a truss.
clamps.jpg (225617 bytes)