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COVID-19 The unfortunate truth is that this disease has it's own timetable. At Ambler Station Singers, we were fortunate to have entered these times as a strong, financially stable group with low overhead. We canceled our Spring 2020 season due to the pandemic with hopes that we would be back for a fall season. Unfortunately, the pandemic had other plans. It takes months of rehearsals to put together a show season. Because of that we will not be having a Fall 2020 Holiday season. Our hopes are to return to live shows in Spring of 2021 but we will only return when it is safe. For now, we get together virtually every week, and sing together through virtual choir projects. We completed Two (Thankful and How Can I Keep From Singing) and are working on three more. We are also putting together a Holiday Varity Show, which will air on Sunday December 20th. Singing brings great joy but for now we are in the same boat as everyone else in the entertainment industry. We have great hopes for the future when it will be safe to sing together and entertain you. For now we are experimenting with alternative rehearsals, such as Drive-in Rehearsals, where we meet in a parking lot and sing from our cars!

About Us:

The Ambler Station Singers were founded in July 2018 as a choral ensemble to provide excellent musical entertainment in the Ambler Pennsylvania area as well as surrounding communities.  Our goal is to be an entertaining and excellent choir featuring the music of Stage and Screen, ageless popular tunes, and a few more “serious” pieces as well. We break our year up into two seasons, firstly, we produce and perform a Holiday Show which features both religious and secular classics designed to put everyone in the spirit of the season. Our yearly spring show is designed to be fun and entertaining, usually following a theme, with a nice mix of joyful music and deeper substance.

Above: pictures from our first founding meeting
We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) and we are gearing up for our fourth season!

A Few Words From Our President, Sharon Rogers-Barron

We are so very thankful that our director, Lisa VanHeldorf closed one door and opened another when forming Ambler Station Singers. We are truly blessed to have a director with her skill and passion for music and the voice as instrument. We are especially thankful that her passion is contagious!

As a new choir we are dependent upon each other to share that energy, to uplift our group with the love of choral singing, and for taking that love and energy into our communities. We cannot be shy or reserved; we must be willing to step outside our own comfort zone in spreading the word. That word is one of joy, and of good health.

In today’s hectic and too often angry world, we’re all looking for ways to relax and unwind. Recent health studies show that singing releases endorphins (the feel-good chemical in our brains) and lowers blood pressure. It is shown to uplift the spirit and make you happy. Singing helps to develop better lung strength and posture and develop core muscle strength. It helps to strengthen memory and cognitive skills. But perhaps most important, whether participating or listening, choral singing brings people of all ages, ethnicity, sex, religion, talent levels, and backgrounds together as one - one in the love for and the joy of singing.

If you’re a member, share your joy with each other, with your family, with your church or synagogue, your school, your friends, the people you work with, and the businesses you frequent. If not a member, we invite you to join us in experiencing the joy; become a new member, a supporter, or attend our shows. Ambler Station Singers will open doors - to spread the joy and good health.


President:Sharon Rogers-Barron
Vice President:Sandi Dziel
Treasurer:Joan Kober
Secretary: Licia Leomparra
Operations Manager:John Dziel
Director of Sponsorship
and Promotion:
Claire Meashey
Fundraising:Barbara Zieper
Singer's Liaison:Maria Rosen
Publicity:Michelle Wilson
Venue Coordinators:Nancy Gold
Doris Hurst
Welcoming: Sheila Bistany
Members at large:Jesse Shutt



Incorporator/Director: Lisa VanHeldorf
Accompanists:Chris Henkel
Jackie Cohen
Website Design: John Dziel
Soundman:TJ Wilson
Road Crew:John Dziel
Sandra Dziel
Jake VanHeldorf



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