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Rehearsals are held at Trinity Episcopal Church, 708 South Bethlehem Pike, Ambler PA 19002 and are at 7:15 P.M. each Wednesday in the Parish Hall.

About Us:

The Ambler Station Singers were founded in July 2018 as a choral ensemble to provide excellent musical entertainment in the Ambler Pennsylvania area as well as surrounding communities.  Our goal is to be an entertaining and excellent choir featuring the music of Stage and Screen, ageless popular tunes, and a few more “serious” pieces as well. We break our year up into two seasons, firstly, we produce and perform a Holiday Show which features both religious and secular classics designed to put everyone in the spirit of the season. Our yearly spring show is designed to be fun and entertaining, usually following a theme, with a nice mix of joyful music and deeper substance.

Above: pictures from our first founding meeting
We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) and we are gearing up for our second season! This season's theme will be:

Going Places! 
Songs about travel (in body and mind) from the Stage and Screen and elsewhere!

A Few Words From Our President, Seema

“I don’t sing because I am happy, I am happy because I sing “– William James
Being a scientist, it reminds me of the age-old debate which is a chicken or egg conundrum in the field of behavioral science. What comes first? Does the physiological arousal of the body and thoughts produce what we experience as emotions or is it the other way around? Food for thought.

I know from personal experience that singing transports us to a meditative state and especially singing in a group. The collective energy and resonance experienced is no less than a form a therapy itself. Choral singing gives each singer a chance to participate in an activity that is artistic, builds community, enhances their skills, and results in a product of great beauty, that brings joy. The choir contributes to an artistic product greater than themselves and develop friendships that change the course of their lives.

By way of the choral singing practice and camaraderie, discipline, attention to detail, teamwork, and the social value of the experience are added bonuses to improve their daily lives, in both their work and in family relationships. It makes us aware of other people’s life experiences and helps to bridge social gaps. It’s truly an open community that speaks just the pure language of music. Ambler Station singers will ensure that our choral music touches all members of our community, regardless of economic status, age, or ethnic origin.


President:Seema Vaidyanatham
Vice President:Sandi Dziel
Treasurer:Joan Kober
Secretary:Sheila Bistany
Operations Manager:John Dziel
Fundraising:Barbara Zieper
Joan Lettieri
Claire Meashey
Singer's Liaison:Maria Rosen
Publicity:Michelle Wilson
Sharon Barron-Rogers
Venue Coordinators:Nancy Gold
Doris Hurst
Members at large:Jesse Shutt
Chrissy Tolomeo



Incorporator/Director: Lisa VanHeldorf
Accompanists:Chris Henkel
Jackie Cohen
Website Design: John Dziel
Soundman:TJ Wilson
Road Crew:John Dziel
Sandra Dziel
Jake VanHeldorf



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